Radiators Newcastle

“Radiator overheating?? Radiator or cooling system leaking?? Temperature gauge keeps rising into the RED??”

Radiators, offers friendly service and quality workmanship using quality replacement parts and latest diagnostic tools.

The repercussions of a faulty radiator or an unserviced cooling system can be very costly. Stray current the silent killer of vehicles radiators, causes damage to all aluminium surfaces through incorrect glycol levels and cheap quality radiators.

We provide radiator and cooling system testing, which includes  pressure testing for leaks, testing for stray current, radiator cap testing, diagnosis of overheating issues and acidic and glycol level testing.

We have a range of new radiators in stock, with 4 local deliveries a day. For non stocked radiators and most copper recores are overnight.  Aluminium cores take 4 working days to be manufactured and delivered, tanks and fittings are made during this time.

Repairing, replacing, re-coring or radiator clean out of your existing radiator, can save expensive engine problems and prolong your vehicles engine life. Majority of cracked heads or head gasket failures, are created from blocked radiators or component corrosion through lack of coolant.

Radiator Flush, Reverse power flush or coolant flush, should be done every 12 months or 20,000 klms, which ever comes first. This ensures your coolant is in top condition and you are flushing out excess engine block scale.  Chemical cleaning is used on cooling systems that have not been serviced regularly. The chemicals lift grim and scale off all the cooling surfaces, the a power flush with clean water to reset your cooling system.

So for your automotive car radiator repairs, Automotive air conditioning repairs, cooling system testing and electrical, look no further than Radiators.

Radiator Assemblies

With the current day and age, the old recore scenario is almost a thing of the past. Due to technology most current day radiators are thin and are made from Aluminium or Copper  with plastic tanks which have orings with crimp tabs.

Majority of radiators beyond the year 2000 are almost throw away items, with exceptions to a small majority you cannot clean the cores internally due dimpled tube technology.

With technology of aluminium and dimpled tubes it almost makes the radiators impossible to repair and clean out. This why you will see your current day radiators half the size of your old HQ Holden radiator.

If the radiator is unable to be repaired we have a full range of new radiators which are either in stock or are normally able to be delivered within one working day. Where ever you are in Australia we can fabricate or supply radiators to your door.

Radiator Re-core

Recoring a radiator consists of removing your existing radiator tanks and radiator side bands (Mounting Brackets) from your old worn out core.(some cases new top tanks need to be supplied due to age and thermal shock)

We then sand blast the tanks and side bands a process that removes all the old paint, cleans up  solder joins that connect hose outlets, radiator fittings and drain plugs.

From here, new core arrives with the exact specs supplied to the manufacturer for the production of new core.

Process reversed, resoldering tanks and side bands.

Majority of recores these days are non mass production models of cars, and majority of light trucks and buses.

You will be surprised how many complete copper brass assemblies they still make for Australian made or imported cars.

Custom Made Copper Radiators

Custom made re-cores for vehicles that still use copper radiators, Belmont Radiators use  CT cores which have more tubes with a wider tube pitch, which in-turn you have a thicker core which increases your cooling capacity than your standard recore replacement.

We can also incorporate dimpled tubes which increase inefficiency up to 15%. Most vehicles we use this type of application in are, Diesels with aftermarket turbos, vehicles with heavy towing, Machinery, Trucks and Mining vehicles.

A must for standard vehicles as well, why not fit a bigger unit in preperation of modifications.

Aluminium Race Radiators

Aluminium performance radiators are a must for your high performance vehicle. Why spend $10,000 on a high performance engine and only spend a couple of hundred on an eBay radiator. We  supply a range of performance radiators to suit your budget. We  supply Aluminium radiators from $460 up to $1500 depending on your performance and vehicle application.

Core thickness starts from 53mm 2 row, to 56mm 2 row, 56mm 2 row with dimpled tubes, or big horsepower up to 81mm thick increasing cooling efficiency up to 30% more than your standard radiator.

From off the shelf complete radiator assemblies to cores made with custom polished tanks.  A large range of full aluminium radiator assemblies to suit varied requirements including race and high performance vehicles.

Radiators use only Australias leading manufactures and suppliers of cooling, air conditioning and electrical equipment.

Radiator services include:

  • New Radiators, Performance Radiators
  • Repairs & Re-cores
  • Motorbike Radiators & Recores
  • Fuel tank Cleaning, Repairs & Fabrication
  • Air Conditioning Specialists


  • Original Replacements, Repairs
  • Recores, Clean Outs

Oil Coolers

  • OE Replacements, Custom Made
  • Towing  packs, External Oil Coolers

 Thermo Fans

  • OE Replacements, Performance Thermo’s
  • 10in to 16in 12 or 24 volt, Clutch Fans

Air Conditioning

  • Regas, Fans
  • Compressors, Receiver Driers
  • Evaporators, Condensers