Radiators Newcastle

Beat the heat this summer;

If your Air conditioning is not cold enough, or your system is simply not working, it could be just a straight  forward  re-gas for your car to keep you comfortable all year round.

Newcastle Radiators situated in Newcastle, is your Air Conditioning specialists, we offer 26 years of experience in all vehicle air conditioning and air electrical.

We offer free quotations on your air condition system re-gas, replacement parts  or electrical faults and we only use quality major brands products

From cooling your vehicles engine, to cooling your vehicles occupants we cover all bases.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Firstly we measure the pressures in the system, recover all your refrigerant and vacuum the system down to a very low pressure.This removes any moisture that might be present in your Air conditioning system.

Once your car system is evacuated, we then Re- Gas with refrigerant R134a and  add a measured amount of the correct type of lubricant for your air conditioning system.

We then test your cars chillness with thermometers placed in your vehicles dash vents. We also check thermo fan and clutch fans for correct operation, as high air conditioning pressures can occur through fan malfunctions.

Ultra Violet dye can be added to the air condition system to help find any leaks that may develop in the future.

For all air conditioning work, specialist equipment is needed, most importantly the refrigerant present in the system must be recovered. Under Australian laws to protect the environment, It is Illegal to release the refrigerant from your vehicles air conditioning system into the atmosphere.

The Australian licensing system ensures that only a licensed technician is allowed to service the vehicle’s Air conditioning system. The system is also under high pressure and needs pulling into a deep vacuum to remove any moisture.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Services;

  • Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) Certified
  • System check and repairs
  • System Regas
  • System leak testing
  • Supply and fit new components
  • Air-con Electrical
  • System flushing