Radiator Repairs Newcastle

Power flushing, coolant ratio and a quality radiator are the key components to getting the maximum performance out of  your vehicles cooling system. At Newcastle radiators we use Australian Made Penrite Performance Coolants and Oils for you car, motorbike or truck.

We stock  inhibitors and anti freeze anti boil based coolants  for top ups or complete system flush and refills for your convenience. We can advise you on the best way to clean and flush your radiator cooling system and type of coolant or Inhibitor you may need. It is very important to have the right coolant and the right mixing ratios for your vehicle.

Newcastle Radiators use the reverse power flush method, which is the most effective way of flushing a vehicles cooling system. For extremely dirty cooling systems we will add a radiator flush for up to 48 hours, (which frees up scale and muck throughout vehicles cooling system). The radiator cleaner also cleans corrosion from all metal surfaces inside your cooling system. This helps the coolant to coat all surfaces quickly and efficiently to stop more corrosion and stray current.

Stray Current/Electrolysis

 Stray current and electrolysis are your radiators two biggest killers.  There are so many myths created by NRMA,  radiator manufacturers and radiator importers, stating it usually occurs after major accident repairs and bad earths. The problem is  chemically based and through  testing of all makes and models and different radiator suppliers we have found the cheaper brands use a poor quality aluminium.

The easiest way to test for stray current is by using a multi meter. Negative lead to earth on the battery and positive to coolant in the radiator. The recommended reading is under .05 which is not hard to achieve, all you need to do is flush the cooling system properly.

The best way to prove that  the stray current is chemically based, disconnect the battery positive while testing the coolant with a multi meter. You will find the current is still their, “how” when the car has the power disconnected. You will find most radiator shops will test your coolant with a stray current tester, which will go red after .05 millivolts. As soon as this is diagnosed they will send you to the auto electrician but they should be looking at it themselves.

Cause for stray current or electrolysis is through, Insufficient flushing of your engine, cheap brand of radiator, coolant and wrong coolant ratios. The best method to stop this from happening to your new radiator is to have it flushed professionally.

Coolant Colours

Coolant colours are generally used by companies to identify their products and set them apart from other companies. Their is no industry standard coolant colour, most companies use bright green, where some manufactures such as Holden and Toyota use red orange and green and  radiator suppliers Adrad (Green) Natrad (Purple). 

So if your car runs green coolant, you cannot mix just any old green coolant into your cooling system. With coolant its a brand thing, not a colour thing, as we have said through out this page “NEVER MIX COOLANTS” (This goes for all colours).

Radiator Anti Freeze Anti Boil

Penrite 3 Year Standard Drain

Freezing Point    Boiling Point
33%          -18 C
104 C 50%          -38 C  109 C

Customer Benefits

  • Protects all internal surfaces from corrosion, including aluminium.
  • Amine and phosphate free.

Contains nitrites for excellent wet liner protection in US heavy duty trucks. • Cost effective engine protection Industry Specifications AS/NZS 2108.1-1997 Type A  ASTM 3306  SAE J1034 Ford ESE M97-B44A Holden HN1825M   HN1899/2043  BS 6580:1992 Chrysler MS-9769 Ford WSS-M97B51-A1  John Deere JDMH24  Leyland BLS.22.AF.01

Radiator Inhibitor (Coolant)

Pro Coolant Cooling systems of automotive engines where anti-freeze and/or anti-boil properties are not required. Use at a ratio of 50ml per litre of cooling system capacity, ie 1 part inhibitor plus 19 parts water. Please note this product is NOT an anti-freeze. If travelling to snow areas, please use one of the Penrite 3YR, 4YR or 5YR Anti Freeze Anti Boil products. Customer Benefits:

  • 2 years/40,000km drain intervals if used and maintained correctly.
  • Protects all internal surfaces from corrosion, including aluminium.
  • Contains an anti foam agent to help protect against cavitation erosion.
  • Cost effective engine protection

Gates Flushing  and Radiator Servicing Procedure

Cooling System Flush