4WD Off-Road Newcastle Radiators

Radiators and Intercoolers for 4WD

4wd’s are designed for off road and large towing capacities (and large family’s), now with turbo charged diesels, small and large capacity engines and powerful efficient petrol engines. Manufacturers are producing small turbo charged engines with high boost, to help pull the large towing capacities at which the vehicle is rated to.

Unfortunately vehicles that are built  overseas are not designed for the Australian climate. The radiator and coolers are working at there limits and once the engine starts to age and all components start to wear and become less efficient, most consumers start to run the risk of heating the engine and transmission.


Other than after market or OE radiators there is much in the way for late model vehicles. ZD30 nissan patrol has a 3 row replacement radiator as these vehicles are renowned for lunging engines, a call for a better performing radiator was needed. For performance gains and cooling capacity the only way to go is with a PWR, Adrad or we can manufacturer a performance radiator to suit your needs.

For the older 4wd’s with copper radiator assemblies, there is a couple of options.

  • All Aluminium Radiator
  • 4 row copper assemblies
  • 3 row copper mega tube pitch with dimples & FPI (Best Option)
The 3 row option is what we call the turbo core, we have put them in all types of vehicles, from V6 L300’s 4wd and after market turbo diesels.


OE replacement complete intercoolers or we can organise a performance core to suit your needs. Most common Intercooler recore we do is all nissan patrol turbo models. Adrad and PWR manufacture cores which are almost identical in cooling and flow.

We now do a universal intercooler using the adrad cacnis intercooler core. We have tanks laser cut and folded to suit the header plates on the Nissan core. Measurements for this core 227 x 220 x 54.5 thick

Oil Coolers;

Full range of OE and After market oil coolers for transmissions and engines. We can also fabricate these units  to suit your towing needs.


Full electrical department for supply and fitment of dual batteries, brake units,  switches, inverters, leds, reversing cameras etc