Do you have a big motor in a little car, tow a big caravan or trailer, beach, burnouts or drift, or a 4wd drive with an after market turbo?? At Newcastle radiators, we can build a radiator to suit your cars cooling system needs.


We can build and re-core intercoolers for just about anything!!

Oil Coolers

Huge range of oil coolers in all shapes and sizes copper or aluminium for your transmission, diff and engine coolers. We can even custom make using adrad aluminium extruded oil cooler cores to almost any size.

Aluminium Tanks

Power Steering, oil catch cans, fuel surge tanks, Tig welded

Thermo Fans

With high performance cooling, we always try and fit the biggest fans with the most CFM (cubic feet per minute). A lot of people turn up with  16 inch fans fitted, which have absolute no CFM. We use Maradyne Performance fans which are supplied to Belmont Radiators through Adrad.

Sizes are from 8 inch up to 16 inch and all of them are reversible.